Kanye West just finished ruining Taylor’s big moment and his anger with MTV’s video music awards goes way back to when he didn’t win two years in a row. Kanye went crazy backstage in 2007 and refused to perform because he didn’t win the moon man and the Black Eye Peas got it instead. Here is video footage (mostly audio) of Kanye’s big meltdown at the VMA’s 2007. What a freaking baby. Sore Looser. I used to like his music a lot but his behavior has left a sour taste in my mouth that unfortunately will make it’s way to my ears and I will hate his music. Kanye, be a big boy and learn that other people can win awards too. Maybe if you shut your mouth you would have more fans that would vote for you to win. Since you wont, be careful, you are committing career suicide. I would watch what I say for a while.

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