It was supposed to be a surprise concert from Kanye West to his fans but it turned out to be a complete nightmare when people showed up in masses to where they believed the ‘free Kanye concert’ would be and started creating complete pandemonium as they rushed to get to the front to get the best view of the controversial star.

Kanye West earlier in the day with daughter Nori and wife Kim Kardashian at Lion King Broadway show before stampede

Kanye’s fans allegedly began to climb cars and light post in hopes to get a better view of what they believe would be a surprise concert for Kanye’s latest album, The Life of Pablo, at Webster Hall at 2 AM.

Fans show up in masses to see Kanye West’ secret show!
Fans climbed on top of cars like the USPS postal truck to get a better view of the controversial star.

The concert was called off due to security and safety reasons to the outrage of the massive crowd who turned up expecting a to see a show.

Kanye tries to keep his cool in the middle of the mass of fans after canceling his ‘secret show’
Fans reach out for Kanye as he pops out of a SUV near Webster Hall

When angry fans received the message from Kanye West on Snapchat telling them the 2 AM concert was sold-out, they could be heard chanting – ‘What the F**k?!’ along with ‘Kanye’ and ‘Pablo’.

The calm before the storm, Kanye, Kim, and North leave the Lion King on Broadway as a happy family.

Kanye called off the ‘surprise concert’ and also gave a plea to NYC’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, to ‘close down the block’ in fears that more people would show up and people would get hurt.

According to the NYPD they had reports of a small crush of people, a woman passed out on a car, and people being trampled as fans rushed to the front, meanwhile, spectators claim to have been peppered sprayed in the chaotic scene.


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