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Kim Kardashian. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Miami, FL) Pregnant star Kim Kardashian kept her pregnant belly under wrap and away from the paparazzi lenses while she did a photo shoot in a bikini but she didn’t have to from one guy, who fell asleep waiting for the reality star to begin shooting.

Kim Kardashian/Twitter

Kim Kardashian took to her twitter account to post the picture of the paparazzo who fell asleep on the sand, next to his equipment as Kim shot her whole photo shoot and still had time to walk up to the sleeping paparazzi and snap his photo without him flinching.

Kim K wrote along with the posting of the picture,
This pap fell asleep on the job missed my whole Miami Beach photo shoot!! #LuckyMe #UnluckyHim.

Good to see you have a great sense of humor about the paparazzi Kim K!, now about those baby pictures…

Check out pictures of Kim Kardashian doing this photo shoot from other paparazzi other than this poor guy who is certain to get a wake up call the minute he realizes what occurred here!

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