Kim Kardashian took Paris Fashion Week by storm by wearing various cleavage-baring outfits but what we didn’t see is more important than what we did.

We are going to go out on a limb and say that Kim Kardashian might be expecting baby number #2 from Kanye West by the way she was acting during Paris Fashion Week.

Although Kim Kardashian showed plenty of assets, (her cleavage and her legs), what she hid most of the time is what had us thinking she might be pregnant again.

First and foremost, Kim K, loves to show ‘ALL’ of her body and not just a part on a normal basis, but during Paris Fashion Week, Kim K choose to wear various OVERSIZED blazers/jackets that covered up most of her midsection.

Every fashion choice she wore that was revealing was to take the attention off her stomach, and not on it.

If we are too busy looking at her ample cleavage we won’t have time to look at her growing belly!

What’s more, Kim K, has been pictured unconsciously putting a protective hand over her belly when she is around paparazzi.

She has also recently used many items to place in front of her belly (ex. handbag) – a trick of the trade that celebrities like to use to conceal their belly when they are expecting.

We told you Liv Tyler was pregnant when we spotted her protectively covering her belly around photographers and using various methods to block the view of her belly, (a large hat, big bag, loose clothing), and sure enough, she just confirmed to People that she is pregnant.

We are going on a ledge and saying that we have the same feeling about Kim K… there is just too much evidence mounting up to make it seem so.

Yes!  She could have gained some pounds but during Paris Fashion Week it’s an unlikely event.

Especially when the attention-hungry celebrity was competing against her much-younger sister, Kendall, who was spotlighted in most major fashion shows, including Chanel.

Our prediction? Kim K might be early in her pregnancy and might not want to reveal just yet that she is pregnant, but if we are to follow the signs, it will be a matter of time before she does so.

Do you think North West will soon be a big sister? Weigh in and let us know.


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