(Park City, UT) There was a new guy in town at the Sundance Film Festival and you have seen him in movie trailers for ‘That Awkward Moment’, with Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan, and you will see a lot more of him since the Sundance buzz around his film, ‘Whiplash’, was what everyone was talking about at the famed movie festival.

His name is Miles Teller and he is the new boy that is got the paparazzi buzzing.  The incredibly friendly actor, walked around the Sundance Film Festival and stopped for all his fans, including when security wanted to rush him along.

Miles, although relatively unknown right now, will become the next thing that everyone is talking about.  He is good looking but not so good looking that he is not approachable.  He is friendly and funny and has some witty banter that most Hollywood man turn their nose up on.

We were close to Miles, when a famous Park City fan, who goes by the name of ‘Skippy’ begged Miles to come and say hi to him while he exited the L.A. Times portrait studio, Miles was happy to oblige and heard the fan sing him praises and even joked around about their ‘bromance’.

What a sweetie!

You will soon see Miles Teller at a theater near you in the funny, romantic comedy, ‘That Awkward Moment’, but the buzz is behind his critically/fan acclaimed portrayal of an obsessed musician who forgoes everything for his passion.

We are excited to have a new hottie to share with you! Let’s hope he stays as sweet and humble as he is so far.  Are  you loving Miles Teller?  We are.


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