Miley CyrusImage by Rebellion2Fate via Flickr At the beginning of her budding career, singer Miley Cyrus was synonymous with being super friendly with the paparazzi. 

Now the young singer can’t be bothered.  Miley Cyrus was having lunch with her mom at healthy eatery California Chicken Cafe, when an altercation between her and a photographer happened.

It all began as the paparazzi waited for Miley and her mom to come out of the restaurant, when an overly excited paparazzo squeezed his body next to Miley’s mom so that he could get a better angle to photograph Miley Cyrus, who was walking steps behind.

When Miley sees what she thinks is the paparazzo hitting her mom with a camera, (did not happen), she corners the paparazzo and screams-

“Are you serious? You just hit my mom with your camera!” The overly eager paparazzo answers-“I didn’t hit your mom”.  

Miley Cyrus continues with her rant, “Yes you did!”, “Don’t you do that again!, You almost hurt my mom.”

Paparazzo responds-“I would not disrespect your mom!” At which Miley responds- “Don’t you do that again. Don’t you ever just think about it! For real!”

What is apparent by the video is that the paparazzo did get too close to Miley’s mom. By trying to squeeze in between her and parked cars, he nearly misses hitting her head but he never actually made contact.  

This paparazzo’s actions are highly unprofessional and frowned upon by the paparazzi community, but by no means did this guy actually hit Miley’s mom. 

Miley Cyrus can be seen smirking through her passenger window as she and her mom leave the scene.  Perhaps Miley realized her overreaction or is just simply proud to have stood up for her momma.



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