Nicole Kidman at Cannes Film Festival 2001
Nicole Kidman at Cannes Film Festival 2001           (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(New York, NY)  Actress Nicole Kidman got the shock of her life when she was making her way back into her hotel after a Calvin Klein event, when out of nowhere, a paparazzi on a bike struck her head-on with his bike when he attempted to get her picture.

The video, obtained by TMZ, shows Nicole Kidman walking back to her hotel with her entourage as she exits her car, paparazzi pop out of their cars where they are waiting for her to arrive, and out of nowhere, a paparazzi comes racing into the scene on his bike, attempting to catch a shot of her before she goes in but ends up striking her instead.

Nicole Kidman is thrown to the ground by the force of the hit but quickly recovers and immediately asks her security to get the guys info because she wants to press charges.  She later told a reporter for the associated press – “I am up, I am walking around, but I am shaken.”

As far as the 19-year-old paparazzo is concerned, he stayed on the ground, just as shocked at what happened and apologizing profusely for his idiotic mistake.  He was later charged by the NYPD for illegally riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, not wearing a helmet, and reckless endangerment. 


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