(Santa Barbara, CA) Famous baby, North West, has made her paparazzi debut and we must say she looks to be quite the star.

The offspring of rapper, Kanye West, and bootylicious reality star, Kim Kardashian, looked adorable in her outing with her famous parents while she was taken out to posh coastal city of Santa Barbara.

The famous duo were photographed by paparazzi going to an early morning breakfast where Kanye was photographed pushing a stroller, while Kim carried ‘Nori’ on her shoulder as the baby took in her surrounding from her mommy’s shoulder.

During their breakfast, mom, Kim Kardashian, paid all her attention to her sweet baby as she whispered sweet nothings and showered her with kisses.  Kanye was seen enjoying his food as he enjoyed his intimate family outing.

Check out the adorable paparazzi pictures of North West here!

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