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 Actress Halle Berry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(West Hollywood, CA) Celebrity mom, Halle Berry, was no different than any other mother in the USA, heading off with her family to have Mothers Day brunch with her adorable family.
The difference? she was being followed by paparazzi who wanted to shoot the pregnant star on her special day

The Call actress need not to worry, she had her protective famous fiancé, Oliver Martinez playing bodyguard at Riva Vella restaurant, putting his arm up and warning paparazzi and people alike, not to get too close to his pregnant fiance or else.

Halle Berry looked gorgeous in her pregnancy glow while she held hands with her daughter Nahla. She was wearing a purple ombre maxi dress that hugged her every voluptuous curve.

The last time Halle Berry and her fiance Oliver Martinez got into an altercation with the paparazzi, Halle was the one that lost her cool and started shouting at the paparazzi when they shot her and her family returning from a family trip at LAX.  That time she had to hold Oliver Martinez back from getting into a physical altercation with a photographer he attempted to kick.

At that incident, pregnant Halle Berry, had not announced to the world she was pregnant and was understandably feeling over protective about her surroundings and lost it on the paparazzi who were present.

This time, however, she kept her cool.

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