(Park City, UT) Okay! So today was not a huge day for Sundance but we did see the main star of the show, Robert Redford.

I know for most of you, this is no one.  This happens to be one of the biggest Hollywood legends of all time and the person that began the Sundance film festival. Huge!!

Unfortunately for us, Robert Redford, got snubbed at the Oscars for best performance in “All is Lost” earlier in the day, so when we got to see him he was in no talking mood.

However, there were several film directors hopefuls, who were waiting for him to exit along with us, and one of them shouted out, ‘I am a film student, would you sign my program?” at which Robert Redford answered, “My heart goes out to you!”.

Wow! So awesome.  After getting the Oscar snub, it was interesting to see Robert Redford tell the film student, “my heart goes out to you!”

Is he referring to the fact that after an amazing performance and doing such an amazing film, All is Lost?, it doesn’t matter if you are a great director/producer, the main media and the Oscars, might not recognize you for your great work?!

That is how we interpret it, anyway! What do you think?
Weigh in and let us know.


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