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(Los Angeles, CA) Justin Bieber has nothing to worry about because his bodyguard is got his back.  It all happened when hearthrob Justin Bieber arrived in Los Angeles with his Israeli bodyguard and the group got into their awaiting SUV.

An overzealous paparazzi decided to keep snapping pictures of Bieber while he was inside the car, blocking the car from leaving.  The bodyguard reportedly told the paparazzo to move from the front of the vehicle but the guy refused.

The bodyguard took to the next step, which was trying to tell the guy to please move over to the sidewalk and physically tried to guide him there.  The paparazzo did not like that at all, and swung at the bodyguard beginning the altercation.

The paparazzo then was wrestled by the bodyguard and what appears to be airport security until the cops showed up but not before taking one last swing at the bodyguard and taking him down with him before being detained.

It is unclear yet if charges were placed on the paparazzo or if he was let go.

The situation is rather sticky legally speaking because the bodyguard placed his hands on the paparazzo first.  Although the paparazzo was blocking their path by taking pictures of Justin Bieber in the car, only a “police officer” is allowed to physically place their hands on anyone.

Justin Bieber was not in any sort of threat because he was safely inside the car.  The paparazzo has the first amendment on his side because he was reporting news while the altercation happened. He alleges that he was shoved originally and he reacted in self defense.

Watch the video yourself and see who is at fault.

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