Paparazzi statue in Bratislava
Paparazzi statue in Bratislava (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Rome, Italy) A well known paparazzi has been killed in Italy, by a single shot to the head during his regular morning jog.

Paparazzo, Daniele Lo Presti, was famous for having taken pictures of Brad Pitt, Dolce & Gabanna owners, Domenicio Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, on their yachts, Beyonce, and Rihanna.

It is speculated that the death of the controversial photographer might have been caused by the Italian mafia, or even the infamous group, The Illuminati, due to the fact that it was done execution style. 

The shot paparazzo was found dead with a single shot to the head at the edge of a river bank by his friends who he had arranged to meet for the morning run.

Just last month, a collegue of his from the photo agency, LaPresse, died in a suspicious motorcycle accident.

The police don’t suspect any of the celebrities named, but just recently, both Beyonce and Rihanna have been under fire for throwing signs of the infamous cult allegedly consisted of high powered politicians, influential members of the world, and celebrities who want world domination.


The police in italy released a statement to the Daily Mail citing:

‘Lo Presti was a well-known paparazzo photographer and his scoops embarrassed many people.’

‘We are not ruling out a connection between his work and his death, and we are looking through all his most recent assignments as well as phone and computer records.’

The world of paparazzi has never been for the faint of heart because of the many adversities it entitles, but never has it been reported to be deadly.  

Many paparazzi have had their butts handed to them by security or the celebrities themselves, but although threats are often made, they are never carried through.

The Scientologist have allegedly always been after the paparazzi and allegedly haunted them for years if they took negative photographs of their famous members, but it seems now the paparazzi yet another cult to fear, The Illuminati. 


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