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It’s not a new phenomenon to have paparazzi covering major wedding event like The Bachelor, but things turned really ugly at the event when overzealous security guards attacked a photographer that was clearly in public property and not doing anything illegal. It all started when the paparazzi were told they could not block the public access way by standing still and taking pictures of The Bachelor wedding. The paparazzi were told that if they wanted to take pictures, they needed to keep moving around. The paparazzi were not going to have their rights violated, so they kept walking back and forth and taking pictures as they could. When the overzealous security guards saw that their tactic for getting the paparazzi to stop taking pictures didn’t work, they got mad and the guy in charge, decided that the “public access” was private property and that the paparazzi were trespassing. (A bunch of B.S. that they came up with!). The paparazzi got understandably heated and started to get mad and confronting (verbally) the security team as they were been shoved out of the “public access”. When the paparazzi wouldn’t budge and kept screaming out their rights, the main security guard puts one of the photographers on chock hold and then wrestled him to the ground for trespassing. What the hell??!! Then the security guard handcuffs him and proceeds to put his knee on the paparazzo’s head as he is laying helplessly on the ground. The incident continues for a while until the cops show up and tell the rent-a-cop’s that the paparazzi are allowed to be there. The security have no choice but to back off and leave the paparazzi alone. I hope the paparazzi involved sue the hell out of ABC and the security for the unnecessary harm they placed on the paparazzi and for the violation of their rights.

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