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(Los Angeles, CA) In the world of paparazzi, a celebrity is popular as long as the public wants to see them.  Once the public loses interest, so do the paparazzi.

Paris Hilton was once celebrity who seemed to always have a captivating audience who wanted to follow her every move.  Therefore the paparazzi attention she got everywhere she went was overwhelming.

This is not so anymore! The public has moved on to new celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Stewart who seem to be more down-to-earth.

Now that Paris Hilton has fallen out of the spotlight, her fashion sense seems to have gone with it.
The once fashion trendsetter was spotted wearing a very outdated velour suit, made famous by J Lo at the height of her early career, but since has been placed back into the vault of fashion no-no’s.

Paris Hilton fashion faux pas started back in December 2010

It seems now Paris Hilton is not being photographed by the paparazzi as much so she has stopped putting her outfits carefully together before stepping out the door.

Instead of fashion diva,  Paris Hilton is headed a different direction.  She has now taken an interest in being a DJ, and has even been invited to be in The Pop Music Festival in Brazil as a guest DJ.

It seems her time with her ex, famous DJ Afrojack, payed off more for her then it did for him.

Do you think Paris Hilton will make a good DJ?

Paris Hilton at the height of her fame back in 2008 been swarmed by paparazzi-


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