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Twilight actor Robert Pattinson can’t seem to handle the fame that has come out of his mega successful movies because when he was being photographed by the paparazzi, the poor Brit didn’t know what to do with himself. Taken into consideration that this lucky celebrity doesn’t really get pursued by the paparazzi so much, it’s a surprise he couldn’t handle the one day he really got the attention. He is used to being followed by mobs of girls,(or maybe not), yet he turned into a crying baby when he couldn’t get his way and make the paparazzi go away. He even tried the old celebrity trick of pulling over and talking to police nearby but that didn’t do him any good. The police obviously told him there was nothing they could do since the paparazzi were not technically breaking the law.
Although the paparazzi were not the best of the bunch,it is annoying to see such a big celebrity not be able to take it since it comes with the territory. Especially someone as big a Robert Pattinson. Of course your fans want to see pictures of you Rob, get over it!

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