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America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock has pulled out of yet another premiere, this one was scheduled in Berlin and was for her Oscar winning performance in ‘The Blind Side‘. Sandra has been hiding after allegations against her cheating husband came out and have snowballed into a complete disaster. Not only is Sandra Bullock having to face the public after her husband Jesse James allegedly had an ongoing affair with a Nazi-loving-tattoo-model but there are allegations that Jesse James was also photographed doing the Nazi salute wearing a corresponding hat.

Sandra Bullock originally pulled out of her long anticipated London premiere claiming ‘unforeseen‘ personal reasons, and now she pulled out of her Berlin premiere. Sandra Bullock has always been the most professional and it is completely unlike her to let her own personal life get in the way of her very successful career. It seems that Sandra is so devastated over Jesse’s affair that she can’t fathom to face the public. Hang in there Sandra, we are all rooting for you.

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