Sean Penn filming Milk in 2008Image via Wikipedia

Actor Sean Penn is not new to having confrontations with the paparazzi, but as of late, the famous actor has been acting very peaceful with the shutterbugs. That was until last October when he decided to kick and punch a paparazzo that was waiting for him to come out onto a very public street. The angered actor walked straight to the paparazzo who was standing far away from him on the street, and started hitting him and yelling at him to get out. When the paparazzo tries to back away from him, Sean follows him and kicks again really hard. The odd part of the altercation is that the paparazzo wasn’t there alone. There were other paparazzi, independent of him, taking Sean’s picture in the same manner. It is unclear if Sean Penn had something specific with this paparazzo or he was just aiming at the first paparazzo he saw.

The Los Angeles City Attorney has decided to charge Sean Penn with criminal battery and vandalism for the altercation that happened back in October. If Sean was to be convicted, he will face up to a 1 1/2 years in jail. It is very doubtful that he will serve any time and will most likely be given community service instead.

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