Penn at an anti-war rally in Washington, D.C.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(San Francisco, CA) Veteran actor, Sean Penn, lost it on a poor fan for taking a picture of him after the guy had payed to see him at a business conference.

It all happened inside the posh lobby of the St. Regis hotel in San Francisco where Sean Penn was hanging out at after a business conference he had just done as a guest speaker.

A fan, who was still wearing his name tag from the same business conference, dared to take a picture of Sean Penn and his crew without asking him.

When Sean Penn saw him he totally lost it –  he took the fan’s phone from his hand and smashed on the ground while he screamed “Do we look like f**cking zoo animals?!”

He continued his rant by threatening to make the guy eat his phone and shouted at him, “GET OUT!”

The shocked man then tells Sean Penn, “Alright!”, and walks away.

Sean Penn is later seen on the video walking with hotel management and tells them that they “need to do something about it”.

About what? Self-righteous celebrities who think they are better than anyone else? We agree! The fancy hotels should not let those pricks in!



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