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In Hollywood and celebrity magazines you would think that celebrity moms are the only ones that take care of their kids but there are some pretty awesome celebrity dads that don’t get enough credit.

New father, Josh Duhamel, has become inseparable from his adorable son, Axl, and like the most obsessed new parents, he can’t get enough of his lil’ guy and posting pictures of him on Instagram.

Since Axl’s debut on Instagram, Josh Duhamel has posted more pictures of his bundle of joy than his mama, singer, Fergie.  Josh is such a proud papa, he has no problem talking about changing diapers, telling E! Online – “Timing when he’s done actually pooping. I’ll be in the middle of changing the diaper and he’ll literally spray me. It’s figuring out when he’s actually done, when we can go in for the diaper change. You never know. It’s a crap shoot, no pun intended.


Another one of the most under-appreciated celebrity dads is Kevin Federline, who has straightened his life since his divorce from Britney Spears and has built a beautiful life with his new wife, Victoria Prince, that is very low key and all about his family.  He got a bad rap as a deadbeat dad when his separation with Britney Spears happened, but Kevin seems to have become a great dad to all his kids and has a happy modern blended family.

His boys with Britney Spears, Sean Federline and Jayden James Federline seem to idolize him,  while his little girl, Jordan Kay, with wife, Victoria Price (Federline), has become the princess of the house, being adored by her older siblings and daddy alike.

It seems meeting Victoria Price was the best thing that could of happened to Kevin Federline and his kids because she has provided stability and has made Kevin Federline a better man.


The best Hollywood dad, hands-down, is actor Ben Affleck, who is just as hands on with his kids, Violet, Serafina, and son, Samuel, as his famous wife, Jennifer Garner.

Ben Affleck is the epitome of great dad with his kids – frequently being seen dropping his kids off at school, taking them to grab yogurt, and having no problem spending one-on-one time with his girls so that Jennifer Garner can do her thing.

In between directing Oscar worthy films, acting in blockbusters, and being a Hollywood hunk, Ben Affleck always makes his family his first priority and is the most hands-on dad in Hollywood.

Congratulations, Ben Affleck, for being Hollywood’s greatest dad!

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