This is the reason paparazzi get such a bad name. The douche bags in this video from X17 Agency are harrassing and taunting Lindsay Lohan and having a good time doing it. They have no class and don’t know how to work like a real paparazzi. Paparazzi are tactical, smart, and like to photoghraph their subjects from a distance so that they can break news stories or at least photograph the celebrity in their natural enviroment. This people are more like Guerrilla paparazzi and I am ashamed that people think that all paparazzi are this way. You can hear this guy Felipe, taunting and taunting Lindsay, what gives him the right! Ask questions that matter. Are you an actress Lindsay? Really, that’s newsworthy. Last time I checked Lindsay started out her career as an actress. Moron. They are going to drive Lindsay to her breaking point and who knows what could happen. All I know is that I wanted to make this post to tell you that this is NOT how all paparazzi act. Old school paparazzi as we like to call ourselves are far from this. The “new” breed of paparazzi are what need to be controlled and new laws should be made against this assholes. This is not how the job should be done and anyone thinking of becoming a paparazzo needs to understand this.

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