Actress Tori Spelling, during an interview
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(Los Angeles, CA) Actress, Tori Spelling, recently got some criticism for working with paparazzi to do a photo shoot with her family for Halloween, but she is not the only celebrity who does ‘set-ups’ with the paparazzi.

Paparazzi agencies have long kept celebrities little secret that in fact it is best to work with the paparazzi than to work against them.

When it becomes hypocritical is when the very same celebrities, who are known to use the paparazzi to their favor, begin to throw them under the bus in the media and act as if they are the bane of their existence.

Bring forward Kim Kardashian and her whole family.

These guys are the epitome of hypocrisy when it comes to the paparazzi because they are the best at making money through the paparazzi and making it seem like they are ‘real’ paparazzi pictures instead of staged ones, then they have the nerve to go on their social media accounts and gripe about the paparazzi taking their picture, but not before using a paparazzi picture taken of them on the very same social accounts to show how fabulous they looked during the day while they were running their errands.

Other celebrities work with paparazzi to ease the media crush when something major is happening in their lives like having a baby.  They will work with a trusty paparazzi who will take the ‘first’ paparazzi picture of their baby and release it so that other paparazzi will not hound them to get that first shot.

Reese Witherspoon allegedly used this technique to ward of the paparazzi after she had her baby boy, Tennessee James Toth, by doing an alleged paparazzi set-up at a park where she is carefully pulling her baby boy out of it’s stroller and cradling it on her shoulder.  It is unknown if Reese Witherspoon received any monetary compensation for these pictures but it is alleged she did it to make the paparazzi go away who were waiting for that first baby shot.

In fact, most major celebrities who do work with the paparazzi do it for the worldwide publicity that paparazzi provide free of charge.  Paparazzi are linked via their photo agencies, to every major news outlet in the world, and not only that, but they are hooked up to the less known ones too.  This make paparazzi the only way that you can reach so many news outlets at once without being in the middle of a major scandal.

At the end of the day, this is the ideal situation for everybody involved.  The public is getting what they want, the paparazzi are able to feed their families, and the celebrities not only get worldwide publicity but they also get to make money off their image.

After all, the public wants one thing, and one thing only, celebrity pictures to feed their insatiable appetite.  So if celebrities decide to work together with the paparazzi and have more control over what images go out of them – then what’s wrong with that?

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