NYC signing September 1,2009 Nintendo Store - NYCImage via WikipediaSinger sensation Justin Bieber may seem like he is used to all his fame and media glitz, but on his birthday earlier this summer, Justin seemed like he just wanted to kill all the paparazzi that wouldn’t let him and Selena enjoy the day.

It all started when the super famous duo went to the mall shopping, where they were hounded by paparazzi and fans alike.  There was one supposed fan who kept telling them how cute they were but literally placing the camera in their face.

Justin remained polite, but by the expression of his face, you could tell there were plenty of things he wanted to tell this overzealous girl.  The pair headed off to Maggiano’s restaurant for a b-day dinner with Chris Brown (really?!) where the media attention just got more intense.  

Poor Justin, all he wanted was a special birthday with his very special girl and all he got was a media stampede of attention.  It’s OK Justin, as annoying as it may seem right now, the more shutter bugs on your trail, the more $ signs in your check.

(Video of Justin and the paparazzi after the jump…)


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