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(Los Angeles, CA) Actress, Kristen Bell, and her hubby, Dax Shepard are on a mission to stop magazines from publishing paparazzi pictures of celebrity children – People, PerezHilton, Popsugar, Entertaiment Tonight, and E! Online are some of the big contenders that have agreed to their #NoKidsPolicy – but here is why it will never work.

The fans are the biggest contributors in the big scheme of things and although they all claim profound support for the #NoKidsPolicy, they will be the first ones to break their promise by secretly visiting the places that will feed their insatiable appetite for pictures of celebrity lives.

In turn, the magazines and outlets that do print the pictures of celebrity children will end up the winners because the majority of the traffic will head their direction.

Sure, there are some hard die fans who would never or could never do that to their favorite stars, but the vast majority of people are not hardcore fans of a single celebrity but are more fans of ‘celebrity’, anyone who is hot at the moment is their favorite ‘celebrity’, and they want to know everything and anything about that person.  Especially about their personal/family life.

Slowly and surely, all these outlets will have their pockets affected, and one by one they will retreat their #NoKidsPolicy when they see their readership plummet and the readership of their competitors who are willing to publish such images skyrocket.

(Instagram/WhoSay) Celebrities like Tiffani Thiessen, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, and Gisele post intimates moments of their children online. 

What’s more, celebrities themselves put their children out to the masses by Instagraming their first step, smile, and day at the beach.  The whole point of celebrities who claim their children privacy is being extorted by the paparazzi goes out the window when that very same celebrity posts pictures of their kids playing at home.  Is this not where their kids should expect the most privacy?!  These pictures, according to Kristen Bell, are completely fine to do because it is the parents of the children taking the picture and not the paparazzi.

Most of the #pedorazzi, as Kristin Bell wrongly calls the paparazzi, have children themselves and are completely appalled by the fact that Kristen Bell has erroneously called them pedophiles for legally taking pictures of celebrity kids.


In an effort to control the madness, a lot of paparazzi ask celebrities to willingly give up some shots of themselves as they walk in and out of an establishments so that both parties win.  This practice of working together has worked many times in the past and is not ‘blackmail’ as Dax Shepard labeled it.

It is a peace treaty and not an act of war.

A good example of this kind of tactic working well is when Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker willingly posed for the paparazzi when their first born, James Wilkie Broddick, was born.  The uber famous couple told the paparazzi outside the hospital that they would be giving up the first image of their first born baby but they all had to follow the rules.

The tactic worked so well that Matthew Broderick famoulsy asked the paparazzi to be quiet while taking the pictures so as not to disturb the baby. The paparazzi happily obliged.  Sarah Jessica Parker has reportedly said in the past that this tactic worked and that it diminished the media crush that would of have been waiting for them if they had chosen otherwise. That is where the key lies to this whole Celebrities vs. Paparazzi debate.  Working together is the only way to fix the problem. Both parties have to agree to come to a common ground, not because it’s someone’s legal right or not, but because it’s the right thing to do.

When celebrities like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard call paparazzi #pedorazzi and refuse to work towards a solution i.e. making agreements to give up pictures at a designated time there will be no solution.

As a paparazzi from Los Angeles area put it on Facebook – ‘Why [do] the celebs that don’t get shot make the most noise lol’, at which another paparazzi responded – ‘Prob because they promote themselves, Like: “OMG, paparazzi won’t leave me alone” so pp are like, “damn, she’s big, Paps are all over her.” Cheap move.’

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